“Breesa brings her full attention, empathy and energy to every conversation and connection. She truly understands and embraces the relationships that are at the core of fundraising and brings a personal warmth to her work that is refreshing and honest.”
Andy Meeks, The Freshwater Trust

Inspire philanthropy

I believe that giving is inherently joyous and that every act of philanthropy requires a thoughtful process. 

Inspire action

Your constituents are busy people constantly bombarded with competing messages. I believe in meeting audiences where they are and enticing them with vibrant, tight writing with a singular and irresistible call to action.


I create positive change by identifying resources and telling stories that inspire excitement and action.

For over a decade, I've worked with nonprofit organizations to help empower underserved communities and make the world a better place. 

I've successfully solicited leadership gifts with engaging appeals and stewarded volunteers and donors with eye-catching print materials at Reed College, created and implemented innovative development plans on a shoestring at the Community Cycling Center, counseled patients at Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette, evaluated grant applications for the Black United Fund of Oregon, and helped plan grassroots fundraising initiatives for Oregon Walks.

I'm also a ceramics maker, a serial club starter, a yogini, a podcast producer, an art appreciator, a street style enthusiast, and a traveler.

I make my home in Portland, Oregon.

I've also worked with

  • The Circus Project

  • Death with Dignity National Center

  • Legacy Health

  • Oregon Energy Fund

  • Portland Literacy Council

  • Vibrant Village Foundation