Appeal Salons


Refresh your next fundraising letter in one creative afternoon

Tell me if this sounds familiar. Your to-do list is spread over two pages and each task requires a totally different part of your brain. You’ve got to get back to your board chair about that data she requested, submit the grant application before the looming deadline, send out last week’s thank you notes, set up a meeting with a major donor, and convene your volunteer event committee. Oh, and you haven’t checked your voicemail in three days.

You know your year-end letter is the foundation of your grassroots fundraising program, but you can’t quite seem to make time for the creative process of writing an effective, joyful appeal.

I get it. I’ve been there. And I’m here to help.

Join me at an Appeal Salon and let’s cross one thing off your list, together. 

What’s an Appeal Salon?

Appeal Salons are intensive, half-day appeal writing workshops designed for busy nonprofit professionals. Each salon is limited to six participants. I'll guide you through creative brainstorming and writing exercises to help you uncover the most compelling story to tell about your organization's work. Then, as a group, we'll work together to draft and critique. You will leave with a strong draft of your next appeal. 

It will be creative. 
It will be fun. 
You will feel great.

Ready to write?

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“It would’ve taken me two weeks to get done what I ACCOMPLISHED IN FOUR HOURS.”

“I loved your salon! My appeals have improved dramatically!”

"The Appeal Salon made me think outside the box about what we are doing organizationally."

"I was hoping to get something tangible out of the salon, and I'm thrilled. This session exceeded my expectations!"

"The salon was so helpful and practical and real life!"

"I feel super stoked to write more (and ready to do it)."

"I loved, loved, loved your class. It was so helpful and got the creative juices flowing."

“Going through the Appeal Salon was incredibly helpful for me. You gave me confidence in my writing at a time when I really needed it.”