Classes and Workshops


Reading Decolonizing Wealth

June 1-15

Are you curious about the history of philanthropy and the legacy of colonialism in American financial institutions?

Over three Saturdays, we’ll read and discuss Decolonizing Wealth by Edgar Villanueva, a groundbreaking treatise on the state of philanthropy, its problematic history, and proposals for a more equitable future.

I’m facilitating this class with the brilliant Denise Luk, a Program Officer Fellow at Meyer Memorial Trust. Learn more and register through Portland Underground Grad School.

Appeal Mechanics

June 20


This 1.5-hour workshop will cover all the non-storytelling aspects of direct mail fundraising appeals. Think: mail package design, postage, barcoding, segmenting, and reply devices.

We’ll answer questions about nonprofit mail and share tools like a mail prep checklist that participants can modify to suit their organization’s specific needs.

I’m teaching this workshop with the inimitable Janey Greenlees of AnchorPointe Graphics.

Learn more and register through the WVDO.