Hey buddy, it's a case study


Client: Vibrant Village Foundation

In the summer of 2017, I worked with Laura Koch, Executive Director of the Vibrant Village Foundation, to help re-envision the foundation's online presence and draft language for their upcoming website relaunch.

What they needed

Clear, concise, and engaging language for their new website, including descriptions of how and where they work, capsule bios for staff and board members, and the foundation's origin story.

"The simplicity and clarity of Breesa's writing set the tone and spirit for our website. the design easily followed."


2.5 weeks: We held our first meeting on July 25. I submitted final text on August 11.

"I always leave a meeting with Breesa feeling inspired by my to-do list and eagerly awaiting what she'll come up with."


Beginning with notes from our initial meeting, old web text, and a rough sketch from Laura for the new website, I drafted new text according to our agreed-upon guidelines. Two feedback loops later, we had polished text ready for the design phase.

We knew from the beginning that the text would be modified slightly along the way, so we talked a lot  about their vision for the site and the intended audience. From there, we developed a tone and style authentic to the foundation. This gave Laura and her team the confidence to add text and make edits when working with their web designer in the next phase.

"Breesa was comfortable taking on a block of work with the understanding that there would likely be last minute edits and changes. Fortunately, from the solid structure she built, we could mimic the style and spirit of the language she created in our final round of edits."


The reimagined Vibrant Village website effectively and concisely showcases their work: helping people who live in the poorest villages in the world.

"This was the most straightforward (aka pain free!) web re-design project I've ever been a part of, thanks to Breesa's organization, fast turn-around, and her ability to deliver on what we asked for."